About Sinowa

Sinowa Zhenjiang Co.,Ltd


We are dedicated to the development and manufacture of continuous and discontinuous PU insulation panel production lines, rock wool insulation panel production lines and high-speed roll forming machines.

Whether in insulation panel production lines or in roll forming machines, Sinowa has committed enormous efforts to making our products take the lead in terms of efficiency, quality, automated control, environment protection, indexed energy consumption, product appearance and safety protection. Due to the innovative change of design made in many critical technologies, our products boast impressive cost performance and customer experience.


The valuable experiences and progressive achievements accumulated in the process of our innovation have made us more confident and passionate. With more than 100 patents and independent property rights to be innovated and updated each day, Sinowa spares no efforts in producing the best-grade production lines to reward your support and trust.

We will continue to create more and better products according to your requirements and assist you in the road to success!

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