Curtain wall partition profile shapes

The Curtain Wall Partition Profile Shapes is a building curtain wall that is installed between the floor slabs or between the floor slab and the roof. And there are many different kinds of curtain walls. The glass curtain wall is a common form of interlayer glass curtain wall. Photovoltaic thermal curtain wall contains photovoltaic thermal components, a curtain wall with both solar photoelectric conversion function and solar thermal conversion function. The double-layer curtain wall is a building curtain wall composed of an outer curtain wall, an air room layer and an inner curtain wall. The glass curtain wall is supported by a metal frame installed between the floor slabs or between the floor and the roof.

The difference between a window curtain wall and a ribbon window is that the window curtain wall is a frame-supported glass curtain wall with horizontal continuity. The band window is a single window with no horizontal continuity in its own structure. It is a horizontal composite window connected by split members.

The Curtain Wall Partition Profile Shapes are widely used in building decoration in daily life. At present, there are more and more curtain wall installations in many cities, and there are many types of curtain walls in buildings.

We can provide time-consuming steps when installing our systems on site. In addition, profile systems from sinowa can be easily combined with other materials and, thanks to their modular construction, can also be used fl exibly for structural adaptations at short notice. With a product range that includes thermally insulated and non-insulated door and window systems as well as facade and fire protection systems, sinowa profile systems offer sophisticated standard solutions and equally cover complex special requirements.

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