CZ Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Sinowa offers C-Ztype and CZ-type purlin rollforming lines for various steel structure industry. Without exceptions, they are all the fruition of the efforts made by the technical R&D team of Sinowa,with features of excellent quality, such as reasonable product structure, beautiful appearance and high production efficiency. No matter whether it is the C-type, Z-type, or CZ interchangeable roll forming type, they are the hallmark of the leading technology in the industry, as well as your premium choice!

We provide you with various models of CZ roller forming machine as required the most by the market, each of which is characterized by reliable quality and fashionable design. Our products will reduce your production costs to the minimum.

Sinowa purlin line can be adapted to 1.6mm-3.2mm production, offers up to 30 automatic punching configurations, and with very convenient rigid change-over mechanism, can meet more punching specifications, purlin product width from 80mm-300mm, and is happy to customize for you larger and more specifications of the machine. More importantly, all operations of the Sinowa purlin line are fully automated through industrial computers in an automated mode, ensuring accurate production of products of any size within a certain range.

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