Door window curtain partition Roll Forming Machine

As a roll forming line manufacturer, as well as a professional manufacturer of precision cold-bending sections, Sinowa can provide comprehensive precision steel profiles and systematic solutions for the partitions, doors and windows, and curtain walls covering all fields. Based on the low-cost advantage of China, it can offer most valuable system products, possessing competitive edge.

The precision door window curtain partition roll forming machine profile machine independently designed and developed by Sinowa has its own intellectual property rights and exquisite design, which realizes the co-production of a multitude of profiles with outstanding utility.Compared with other traditional building materials, steel profiles have excellent mechanical forces.

With all the processing of the Door window rollforming machine racks completed at one time and the reliance on advanced machine tools to ensure precision in fitting the dimensions and positions of the parts, our forming machines hardly need repeated calibration and have little reliance on personnel.

Incorporated with the leading control system technology, parameter setting is easy and convenient with high-level automation for the roll forming machine system to become powerfully self-learning.

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