Gutter Roll Forming Machine

Over the years, you just need to come up with your requirements and standards of the gutter roll forming machine to sinowa team which one will design and custom machines that can produce the products you need,and provide continuous and reliable service.

Many different designs and flat, high precision, tolerance within 1mm of gutter forming machines made to UAS,Middle east, and South Africa market.65mm solid shaft is used, and the H-shaped steel is used as the base frame, so that the gutter machine can withstand long-term production without deformation of the machine, thereby ensuring long-term production of gutters.The rollers are processed by CNC machine tools to ensure the accuracy of the rollers, and thus the accuracy of rain gutter.cut frame is stress-relieved to ensure that it is not deformed during long-term production and makes the gutters smooth.

Use Mitsubishi or Siemens operating system with stable performance, simple operation, as long as the input length and quantity are automatically produced by the gutter forming machine, and the cutting length tolerance is within ± 2mm.forming speed can reach about 20 meters per minute.The machine weighs about 6 tons. Sometimes steel material is the most affordable of the metal materials we offer for guttering and is therefore wonderfully cost-effective early on. Steel gutters are stronger than PVC products and offer a robust system.

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