High Speed Keel Roll Forming Machine

Sinowa High speed keel roll forming machine adopts new design to make our machine very tidy and efficient. All core components made by CNC machine which can be installed very precisely. Based on these, the quality can be very stable on a good lever.

The contact area of the keel roll forming machine roller pressure is larger and the structure strength of the body are higher than others. Roll forming relies on the rolling of the roller head and the blank to make the surface of the blank smooth without adding water. Therefore, the green body after roll forming has high strength, is not easy to deform, has good surface quality and uniform regularity, overcomes the basic weaknesses of spinning forming, and improves the forming quality of daily products. Coupled with the high production efficiency of roll forming, it is easy to form a linked production line with the upper and lower processes, which improves working conditions and other advantages, so that roll forming is widely used in industry.

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