Light Steel-Frame Structure Production Line

The light steel gauge steel framing machine, also known as the light steel structure housing processing equipment, uses a group of gradually changing rollers to continuously bend and deform the metal strip into the required final section of the sheet metal forming process at room temperature.

The production process of light steel gauge steel framing machine consists of a fully automatic two in one hydraulic automatic uncoiling, leveling machine, automatic high-speed punching, high-speed forming, automatic code spraying, and automatic cutting automated assembly line. The mechanical automatic assembly line is intelligently produced, and all screw installation holes, pipeline water and electricity holes, anchor holes, and other assembly lines are processed. Each keel profile has a different code, Simply install the screws according to the drawings to assemble the desired light steel house keel frame; The light steel villa keel equipment has a high degree of automation, simple operation, and factory production, resulting in fast on-site construction speed, short construction period, and cost savings!

Sinowa team meet standard requirements of CE,SGS,ISO9001Certificate,Delivery time:Shipped in 30-45 days after prepayments,Packing:Stretch film,Port of departure :Shanghai,Ningbo 

Text run time:before delivery,Payment method:T/T, L/C,Market:Middle East/Asia/Africa/South America/Europe/North America.Design Team: We have a professional design team. We can accept OEM&ODM, depend on customer`s requirement.We could do all color as your required, give us the color in PMS or CMKY.Beyond expected service, top quality, Competitive price, Best service, Prompt delivery and Solid reputation.

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